The Vision

It’s been said your dream job isn’t out there; you have to create it! One day, I mentioned this to a friend and said, “Well, what would my created job look like…? I’d travel to orphanages around the world visiting with kids to donate needed items and share hugs, love, and hope! I’d be the Hug CEO!”  So, that’s where this idea originated!  🙂  Fast forward a few weeks to today, and I’m creating my vision!  

Hugs–something so simple with such an incredibly powerful impact on a child’s life!

If you’d like to support my mission, you can donate, sponsor a trip on behalf of your company, or donate as a tribute to a loved one.

With abundant gratitude for your generosity & support…


Hug CEO 

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  • Greg "Doc" Payne
    January 29, 2015

    I would like to offer my support by using one of my Payne Promotion Events, to help raise money to support one of your trips. A portion of the proceeds in each of my events this year, will be used to help support Charities of my chosing. For every life I can impact directly or indirectly, I will use the talents that my higher power has bestowed on me!

    When you have time to sit and chat, I can share the details of an event that I believe will help.