Why HugCEO?


A few years ago, our founder, Jen Mauritzen, was sitting in a coffee shop talking to a friend.  They were discussing dream jobs, and Jen mentioned hearing the saying: Your dream job isn't out there. You have to create it. She pondered this and said, "My dream job would be to travel around the world giving hugs to orphaned children. I'd be the Hug CEO." From there, the idea grew into the organization you see today.

About Us:

The best things you can give to a child are your time and your attention; this is Hug CEO.  We're an international nonprofit working to provide a system of connection and care to orphaned children in order to help them develop a healthy and stable sense of self-worth. This involves spending time with them to show them that people across the globe care about them, and they are just as valuable as any other child out there.  Developing this state of self-worth gives them hope for a better future and the foundation to live a successful, happy life. At Hug CEO, we strive to help orphaned and abandoned children achieve this goal so they can thrive and become contributing members of society that not only believe in themselves but also in a better tomorrow.






Our Mission:


● To provide essentials and fun items to orphaned and abandoned children

● To spend time with orphaned and abandoned children, connecting with them and showing them that they are valued

● To connect orphanages with resources to address critical issues in order to promote a happier, healthier life for the children living there










"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."

  — Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa