Current Projects


Building Repair, Hygiene Supplies, & Medical Care at Evangelina Booth Home for Girls

Evangelina Booth is in need of roof repairs. If you’d like to donate, you can use our gofundme page:

You can also contribute through PayPal if you prefer:

Additionally, there is an ongoing need to assist Evangelina Booth with costs for feminine hygiene products and items such as toilet paper and hand soap. While we take these for granted, these are a critical need for the girls’ health since they don’t have enough feminine hygiene products for daily needs, leading to prolonged use and infections. During our visit, soap and toilet paper weren’t available in bathrooms which also leads to increased incidence of illness. Additionally, we were told that they can’t afford medical treatment for the girls. At the time of our visit, a volunteer had raised money in order to purchase antibiotics and to provide a water filter system for the house because Evangelina Booth was unable to afford these items.

Gaping Crack in Bedroom Ceiling









Sensory Boards for Children at Nazareth House

Many of the children placed in this home have been abused and neglected, which often leads to developmental delays. Children learn, grow, and develop by means of playing and sensory stimulation through interaction with their environment and the people around them. If their parents do not interact with them or do not do so positively, they  do not develop and grow as they should.

Due to high levels of poverty and deprivation in the community, families do not have access to basic toys for stimulation, and they also are not aware of the importance of stimulation and play for children’s growth and development.

To this end, Nazareth House is seeking help in funding sensory boards for the children’s living areas.  A sensory board is a large piece of wood attached to the wall  which contains objects that provide children with opportunities for sensory play. Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. Sensory activities and sensory boards facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to play, create, investigate, and explore. Spending time stimulating their senses helps children develop cognitively, linguistically, socially, emotionally, physically, and creatively. When information is collected through the senses, by touching, seeing, hearing, etc, it is transmitted to the brain, interpreted, and organized. This process is called sensory integration. When sensory input is not organized or aligned properly, problems in development or behavior can occur. By providing opportunities for sensory integration through the sensory board, children are better able to develop these important skills.

Nazareth House would like to construct sensory boards for the infants and the toddlers’ sections–x2 large sensory boards. The cost estimate per board is approximately $400.

Can you help us make this worthy goal a reality?