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The best things you can give to a child are your time and your attention. This is the foundation of Hug CEO. We’re an international nonprofit working to provide children in orphanages the resources and love to live happier, healthier lives. This involves collecting and donating items, spending time with the kids, and connecting homes with assistance for their most urgent needs. We aim to show children in orphanages that people across the globe care about them, and they are just as valuable as any other child. Developing this state of self-worth gives them hope for a better future and the foundation to become contributing members of society that believe in themselves and a better tomorrow.

Our Mission:

● To provide essentials and fun items to orphaned and abandoned children

● To spend time with orphaned and abandoned children, connecting with them and showing them that they are valued

● To connect orphanages with resources to address critical issues in order to promote a happier, healthier life for the children living there